Introductions: Meet Lyle!

We're excited to welcome Lyle to our team! Lyle is a US-based high school student who will be contributing a monthly column from the perspective of a transgender gay guy. We're lucky to have him on board! - Ed.

Looking around my school library right now, I am racking my brains for the perfect introductory sentence to this first column. How do I present myself succinctly and humbly while still capturing the reader’s attention? Do I start off with, “Hello, I’m Lyle Green and this is the story of my life.” No, that’s too dry. What about, “I am a 15-year-old transgender gay guy who is mostly tired and confused.” That’s also too dry. Or, I could begin with the classic line found in any YA novel: “I’m not like other boys/girls…”

Introductions: Meet Maria!

We're excited to introduce you to Maria, one of our high school staff members! She will be writing a bi-weekly column for us, and we're really happy to feature her perspective at Creating Iris. You'll be able to find all of Maria's posts by clicking on her name to the right. - Ed.

Hi! My name is Maria and I’m a sixteen year old girl who will be writing a biweekly column (perhaps weekly in the summer, when I’m out of school and my schedule isn’t so hectic :) ) here at Iris! I’d like to talk about what my column will encompass, but first, let me share a bit about myself. I’m sensitive, reflective and quiet, but outspoken on issues I feel passionate about. I love reading, writing, and fashion. I’m absolutely crazy about playing the guitar (in the classical style), and one of my dreams for the future is to be a performing classical guitarist (a big goal, but one I so want to accomplish!).

Introductions: Meet Amanda Meltsner!

We're excited to welcome another Amanda to the Creating Iris staff! She'll be writing a bi-weekly column for us, and we're really glad to feature her writing on the site. You'll be able to find all of Amanda's posts by clicking on her name to the right. - Ed.

YOU KNOW those awkward icebreaker games at team building activities you’re sometimes forced into by overzealous teachers or bosses? This feels a bit like that. It’s always “Say your name and an adjective that starts with the same letter!” or “Two truths and a lie!” or “Step into the circle if…”. I have a hard time describing myself, especially in front of people I don’t know. What kind of impression do I want to make? Depending on the setting and the audience, my answers vary. This, however, is even harder. I can’t see the faces of those who will be meeting me for the first time, on the other side of cyberspace, locked into their own computer screens or tablets or smartphones. On the other hand, you can’t see me here either, typing away while the snow and wind chase each other outside my window. So, let me give you a description.