Maria Civitello

Introductions: Meet Maria!

We're excited to introduce you to Maria, one of our high school staff members! She will be writing a bi-weekly column for us, and we're really happy to feature her perspective at Creating Iris. You'll be able to find all of Maria's posts by clicking on her name to the right. - Ed.

Hi! My name is Maria and I’m a sixteen year old girl who will be writing a biweekly column (perhaps weekly in the summer, when I’m out of school and my schedule isn’t so hectic :) ) here at Iris! I’d like to talk about what my column will encompass, but first, let me share a bit about myself. I’m sensitive, reflective and quiet, but outspoken on issues I feel passionate about. I love reading, writing, and fashion. I’m absolutely crazy about playing the guitar (in the classical style), and one of my dreams for the future is to be a performing classical guitarist (a big goal, but one I so want to accomplish!).