Lyle Green

Introductions: Meet Lyle!

We're excited to welcome Lyle to our team! Lyle is a US-based high school student who will be contributing a monthly column from the perspective of a transgender gay guy. We're lucky to have him on board! - Ed.

Looking around my school library right now, I am racking my brains for the perfect introductory sentence to this first column. How do I present myself succinctly and humbly while still capturing the reader’s attention? Do I start off with, “Hello, I’m Lyle Green and this is the story of my life.” No, that’s too dry. What about, “I am a 15-year-old transgender gay guy who is mostly tired and confused.” That’s also too dry. Or, I could begin with the classic line found in any YA novel: “I’m not like other boys/girls…”