Spotlight: The Heritage of Hastur

In this new series, writer Andrea Felber Seligman contributes novel spotlights written from the first-person perspective of one of the book's central characters. Read the book? Let us know in the comments! - Ed.

I AM REGIS HASTUR, heir to the Comyn and the Seven Domains of Darkover, and I want nothing to do with that exalted heritage. I wish to travel and see the stars and the worlds beyond as the Terrans do. But duty binds me here to Comyn: to serve in the guards and prepare to be the next Regent to the royal line. 

Call for Writers: Features & Reviews

Beginning in January 2014, Creating Iris will publish web-only feature essays and book reviews.

We welcome suggestions for books for review; these can be new releases or old favorites! We like all genres and would love to have a lot of variety. Reviews will be roughly 500 words in length. 

Features will be roughly 600-800 words in length and, as with Iris, be written expressly for young adults. 

Our feature articles will consist of thematic series: personal narratives; current events/opinion; biographies of important & inspiring LGBTQAI people; and historical events. We're also planning to debut a series called "You Should Know," in which we would invite writers to send us posts on subjects that they feel need to be better explained or differently understood (i.e., transpositive language; body positivity; etc. 

We'd love to have a vibrant, varied body of work on in our Features & Reviews section. To make that happen, we need you! Have an idea for one of the topics mentioned above? Have a better idea of your own? We'd love to have you write for Creating Iris.

Authors of course receive credit in the byline; we regret that we are currently unable to compensate our contributors. Creating Iris and Iris are labors of love for everyone involved.

If you'd like to write for us, send us your pitch and links to previously published work (or a writing sample).