Thoughts on the UK's 2015 General Election

It's Rebecca, you guys! While I usually leave Creating Iris' posts to our far more competent, eloquent Executive Director, with the ballots opening shortly for the UK General Election, it seemed to be the perfect opportunity for the British half of our transatlantic founding duo to finally speak out. 

While many of you may have already made up your minds about who will get your vote tomorrow, there are still those who are struggling to weigh up the various arguments and settle on the party they believe to best represent the areas and concerns that are most important to them. And LGBT issues for many of us - myself included! - are at the very top of that list. But with so many parties vying for our vote, it can often be rather confusing and difficult to ascertain precisely what those parties are promising for LGBT people. Luckily, Stonewall has published an extremely helpful guide to the commitments made by the various political parties in their manifestos (spoiler: UKIP hasn't made any, oh and apparently we caused the floods last year because eww gay marriage). I urge you to take a look, keeping in mind that our choices in this election will shape the future of Great Britain for LGBT kids.

Regardless of the party you ultimately choose to support, I also urge you to vote if you are able. Remember: every single vote counts. Every single vote matters, and every single one of us deserves to have our say in our country. In our future.