Happy Birthday, Roseann!

Today is our editorial board advisor Roseann Civitello's birthday! Roseann is actually Amanda's mom (so that makes her Bexy's future mother-in-law!) and her support for Iris goes much further than her advisory role. Along with Amanda's dad, Vin, Roseann has provided invaluable financial, creative, and moral support to Creating Iris from its very inception. It wouldn't be possible without them!

Roseann's background in psychology means that she's called on whenever we receive messages from teens in crisis or submissions from young people that seem to hint at a serious situation. If you've ever received an email from us about a similar situation, Roseann previewed it. She also maintains our list of resources for LGBT kids.

We're so grateful to have her on our team and wish her a wonderful, celebratory day! Rumor has it she's spending it out to lunch and at Ravinia, so keep an eye on our social media!

Wish Iris's Board Advisor and resident Mom-in-Chief a very happy birthday in the comments!