Happy Birthday, Bexy!

Today is the incomparable Bexy Bennett's birthday! Although she's our Creative Director and co-founder, I think my favorite title of hers might be 'my fiancee!' She is the joy and the light in my life, and I can't imagine anything more wonderful than the knowledge that we're committed to growing through life together.

Founding a magazine like Iris was always a dream of mine, and it seemed like something that I always planned to get around to doing one day. I mentioned it offhandedly one day - you know I'd really like to start a literary magazine for queer kids one day - and she said the magic words: let's make it happen. Bexy was the first to believe in the idea, to see value in it and to commit to making it happen, together. We joke that until we have kids, Iris will be our proudest creation. It's brought us closer together and introduced us to some of the most wonderful people we otherwise wouldn't have met. But more than that, it's something that we've built together, and that has incredible meaning to me.

Happiest of days, my darling girl. Here's to a wonderful, beautiful, happy year, and to a lifetime of making the important things happen. I love you.